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We know that many environmental scientists are field and project hires that aren’t eligible for benefits and don’t have professional support. We have changed that. As a Twin Cairns member you

  • Receive discounted and free skill training that allows you to move up and get more lucrative and permanent positions. Most training is online and available anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Receive access to health and retirement benefits that aren’t tied to any specific employer.
  • Get paid sick days when you can’t work.
  • Find better jobs that are closer matches to your interests, skills, and background—even using your cell phone from the field.
  • Your favorite employers are notified when you will be available for your next job so you minimize between-job down time.

Search for free, but become a member to receive all these benefits.

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  • Search for Jobs
  • Create professional profile
  • Generate Skills Matrix™
  • Apply for jobs instantly online here

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  • Search for Jobs
  • Create professional profile
  • Generate Skills Matrix™
  • Apply for jobs instantly online here
  • Access to Benefit Management
  • Access to health insurance
  • Free professional training

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Let employers look for you!

You let me look for jobs without registering, so why should I register? The answer is pretty simple. When you register, for free, employers can look for you! We are flipping the traditional job search model upside down Don’t spend your time looking for a job. Instead, let employers spend their time looking for you!

How employers can look for you!

Twin Cairns provides many benefits for job seekers in the environmental science field. Benefits include:

  • Free, powerful filters to search for exactly the job I want
  • A benefit package independent of the many firms I work for
  • Lets employers know when I’ll be available and ready for the next job
  • Free online training in new skills for career growth
  • Unlimited access on my phone from the field
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