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Skill Set Matrix™

CategorySkillSkill Definition
SpecialistZooarchaeologyHas an advanced degree (MA or higher) in Zooarchaeology
Field Understanding StratigraphyAbility to understand the relationships between layers of both cultural and natural depositions
FieldTotal StationAble to create maps and plans using a Total Station
FieldTest ExcavationsAbility to engage, design and execute a system of test excavations over a site or area to evaluate cultural occupation and its extend -- both spatially and temporary
OfficeTechnical WritingAbility to write technical reports in coherent language that follow both federal and state regulations and law
FieldStatistical AnalysisAbility to process large and diverse datasets to examine patterns -- both spatial and temporal patterns
FieldSoil IdentificationAbility to identify, describe and record different types of soil and depositions
MarketingSocial MediaUnderstand, can write content and present marketing materials on at least five social media platforms
FieldSmall Hand ToolsCan operate a trawl or similar small hand tool to conduct excavations
FieldShovel TestingAbility to conduct, interpret and record shovel testing activity
FieldSection DrawingAbility to understand concepts of physical and chronological stratigraphy and the method to record those accurately
FieldScreeningAbility to use geological and general screens to identify, collect and record small scale finds
SpecialistSatellite ImageryAbility to acquire, rectofile and interpret satellite images at different spectral & radiometric resolutions
MarketingSalesUnderstand company's products and can engage in sale activities
SpecialistRemote Sensing-ResistivityAbility to operate and interpret data acquired by a Resistivity instrument
SpecialistRemote Sensing-MagnetometerAbility to operate and interpret data acquired by a magnetometer
SpecialistRemote Sensing-GPRAbility to operate and interpret data acquired by a Ground Penetrating Radar
FieldRecording-SurveyAbility to understand, collect and record all pedestrian survey data and details
FieldRecording-ExcavationsAbility to understand, collect and record all excavation process and data
FieldRecording SheetsAbility to understand and properly record excavation process, stratigraphy, sections and artifact documentation
EducationPublic InterpretationAbility to understand site history and provide clear and coherent interpretation for the public
FieldPhotographyAbility to take clear images of various feature, artifact & soil colors at various light and field depth conditions
FieldPhotogrammetryAbility to create and interpret photographic and electromagnetic radiant imagery & patterns
FieldPedestrian surveyAbility to conduct systematic pedestrian survey over large areas, identify and record artifacts, features and ecofacts
SpecialistPaleoethnobotanyHas an advanced degree (MA or higher) in Paleoethnobotany
FieldMonitoringMonitor constructions site and identify danger to cultural or natural heritage
SpecialistLiDAR OperationAbility to operate LiDAR instrument and create LiDAR survey
SpecialistLaser ScanningAbility to use ground based laser scanner to document architecture and features in 3D
FieldLarge Hand ToolsCan operate a pickax, hoe or similar large hand tool to conduct excavations
OfficeHuman ResourcesHave a certification and understand how to work in an HR department
FieldGround TruthingAbility to use map and/or GPS to navigate to a geographical location for ground truthing of remote sensing data
FieldGrid & Trench LayoutAbility to lay accurate grid and generate reliable trench outline for excavations
FieldGPS recordingAbility to record and attribute points, lines, & polygons using a GPS receiver.
FieldGPS navigationKnow how to navigate to given coordinates using GPS receiver.
SoftwareGIS SoftwareCan confidently operate Geographical Information Software
SpecialistGeoarchaeologyAbility to collect, sample and analyze soil and sediment samples through dry sieving, wet sieving and flotation
FieldFlotationAble to use flotation machine to collect flora and fauna
FieldDrone flyingAble to fly a drone and design systematic land coverage & survey
FieldDrawing Plans-TheodoliteCan create site plans using theodolite, plumb bob and measuring tape
FieldData Software & ManagementAbility to create data recording systems and collect archaeological data, with understanding of both hardware and software capabilities
SoftwareCRM softwareCan Confidently operate Customer Relationships Management software
FieldCRM LegislationAbility to understand and implement relevant CRM legislation at the Federal and State level (including NEPA and Section 106)
FieldConsultationAbility to understand the interests and conduct consultation with all relevant stake holders
LegalCompliance-State LegislationUnderstand how to find and comply with individual state legislation, laws and rules concerning cultural and natural heritage
SafetyCompliance-OSHA Health & SafetyUnderstand how to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations for field work
LegalCompliance-NHPA/NEPAUnderstand how to comply with the federal National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
LegalCompliance-NAGPRAUnderstand how to comply with the federal Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA)
LegalCompliance-Historic Designation Understand the criteria through which building and structures may be candidates for a federal historic designation status
LegalCompliance-CEQAUnderstand the elements and comply with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)
SoftwareCAD softwareCan confidently operate Computer Aided Design & Drafting software
SpecialistBioarchaeologyHas an advanced degree (MA or higher) in Bioarchaeology
FieldArtifact WashingAbility to wash different artifact types while maintaining their material characteristics for research purposes
FieldArtifact RecoveryAbility to record, safely excavate and properly storage artifacts and ecofacts made of different types of materials (ceramics, metal, lithics, etc.) and various level of fragility
FieldArtifact ProcessingAbility to identify, collect and record a wide range of artifact types, understanding their relative fragility within different site types and conditions
FieldArtifact IllustrationAbility to draw and illustrate different artifact types for report and publications
FieldArtifact CurationAbility to safely register, document and store a wide range of artifact types in curation facilities following state and federal laws
MarketingAd DesignCan design ads for both digital or print using design software
OfficeAccounting-CPAUnderstand accounting and can file taxes
OfficeAccounting-BookkeepingUnderstand accounting software, can enter revenue & expenses and can reconcile accounts
SpecialistGeophysical Surveymethods that use ground-based physical sensing techniques to produce a detail image or map of an area
FieldClassification & Seriation Understand how to assign artifacts to accepted cultural/geological spheres, across space (classification) and across time time (seriation)