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Member benefits

Twin Cairns is working hard to identify and make available benefits to our members. Employment benefits have traditionally not been available to project-based employees who move from company to company. We are trying to change that.

What benefits do we offer?

Healthcare: We have partnered with the Small Association Leadership Alliance (SALA) to offer you an employer-independent health program. This creative program is a proven insurance alternative for you to consider. When each component is brought together, the result is a customized, comprehensive, and affordable option for healthcare.

Retirement Benefits: We have partnered with Betterment and Wealthfront to offer you a comprehensive retirement benefits program. Investing a small amount at a regular interval over many years can result in a nice savings at retirement time. Even if you are not earning a lot of money, you should contribute just a few dollars each week or month. The time value of money is very powerful. Here is an investment calculator you can use to demonstrate this.

Paid Sick Days:  If you are out on a field assignment and are sick and can’t work, we will cover your salary.

Professional Training: We have created training modules and partnered with a number of environmental training companies to offer professional training on a range of cultural and natural resource management skills. Training is available online on demand and in-person for free or a discount. Improving skills will allow members to increase their job opportunities with, and value to, employers and advance in their professional career.

Professional Registration:  If you are an archaeologist and apply for registration as a Registered Archaeologist with the Register of Professional Archaeologists, we will cover your application fee. Professional registration is a big career step and we want to encourage you to become a recognized professional.

How do I get these benefits?

To gain access to benefits, you need to become a member. Membership allows you access to benefits as well as being able to directly apply for jobs with your pre-existing profile on the Twin Cairns site. As we grow, and gain more subscribers, there will be more and better benefits that we can offer to you.