Government Job Posting Policy Update

Listing of Public & Restricted Government Job Posts

Twin Cairns is committed to bringing the largest and broadest listing of CRM jobs to the community. Government jobs at all levels will always be published on the Twin Cairns site, free of charge. However, we will now publish only Government positions that are open to the public. Positions that are listed online but are open to internal candidates only will no longer be posted on the Twin Cairns site.

The Twin Cairns Intelligence Unit will continue to monitor, record, tabulate and publish data that includes restricted government jobs. Some of this data will be publish on the Twin Cairns newsletter, other will be made available to purchase on the TC Intelligence Unit page (forthcoming).

This policy change will take effect Feb 1, 2023. This policy change includes all government agencies at all levels – Federal, Tribal, State, County, and City.

For users interested in learning about government jobs – both open to the public and restricted – we recommend exploring posting and subscribing to the Government Jobs and USAJobs websites.

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