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Who We Are


Everyone with a professional interest in the environmental consulting industry has the opportunity to have a prosperous, rewarding career so all of us may better protect and preserve cultural and natural resources for future generations.


Provide employment services that give field and project scientists the ability to turn their jobs into rewarding careers.


Established in November 2020, Twin Cairns LLC was born during the Covid 19 pandemic. As people across the world cloistered in their homes, isolation and insolation offered a rare opportunity to examine old concepts and reimagine a new and better world. For Twin Cairns, that meant a focus on supporting individuals and companies in the resource management sector – both cultural and natural – so as to contribute to the effort to preserve earth for future generations. Furthermore, we wanted to provide individuals seeking entry-level positions in the industry with quality healthcare, access to retirement savings, and focused training. Most entry-level positions are short term, project based, and do not offer benefits.

To allow companies to efficiently match jobs to employees, we developed the Skills Log Matrix™. Instead of using artificial intelligence, we elected to use human intelligence,  creating a simple yet highly effective system that rapidly matches the needs of employers with the skills of employees. Employers list all the specific skills a job requires and Twin Cairns matches it with the skills listed on employee profiles. To further the ease of selection, we added a verification element, so that all skills listed by an employee and her employment experience are pre-verified on her profile. The system is designed to increase efficiency and improve productivity for employers in the sector.

Emulating the Guild model used by Hollywood, we created a membership system for job seekers. Job seekers may post their detailed professional profile on the Twin Cairns site for free. Employers can then search job seeker profiles, match their needs with the skills, education, availability, and employment experience of job seekers, and then offer them a job, instantly, online. For a nominal annual fee, job seekers gain access to affordable healthcare, access to retirement savings, and free or reduced-cost high-quality training.

Twin Cairns was born to support the environmental industry, increase productivity, and help improve the quality of life for workers.